What Are The Various Types Of Earrings?

Earrings are the piece of jewellery that place the most important role in giving a perfect look to a person. Even they are the best option to give as a gift to your loved ones on their special occasion. A person can ignore wearing any other piece of jewellery, but earing is a must.

Earing is available in the market in various shapes, sizes, prices. You can make select of the pair of earing that is available in the market as per your dress code and at a reasonable rate.      

  • Studs

These are the widely used type of σκουλαρικια: by girls, as they are small in size, so they are quite easy to wear for a person. These are the type of earning that a girl can even wear with jeans or even with a cocktail dress. They are also available in the market in various types like you have the option to purchase pearl earing, diamond earing or even there are some other patterns that are available in the market.      

  • Drops

Drops earing are the earing that area available in the form of hanging. These are mostly advisable with the traditional dress as they will give an elegant touch to the person. They are also made up using different materials like pearl, diamond, and gemstone.

  • Hoops

They are generally round in shape and give a girlish look to the person. They are a good option for girls that want to look as per the latest fashion.

  • Cartilage earrings

These are other options of earning that are available in the market. They are subtle, elegant that is available in various sizes and styles. These are the pair of earing that a person can wear even more than one pair at a single point in time.

These are the various type of earing that are most commonly used by people. The type of σκουλαρικια a person selects for wearing will depend on the type of dress that she is wearing. The earing is available in the market that is made up using the different materials like gold, silver.

Not only do people prefer to purchase earing for the personal purpose but also for giving it as a gift to their loved ones o the special occasions like birthday, anniversary. There are various shapes of the earings that are available for a person:

  • They are available in the round cut. They are known to give a unique look to the person.
  • The cushion cut is another shape of the earing that is available in the market. They have soft rounded edges that make them more demanding among people.
  • Oval cut is another version of the round cut that is preferred more than the round shape these days as it is more trending among people. They give a classic look to the person.

Sum up:

These are the various shapes of the earrings that are available in the market people these days prefer to wear a variety of shapes of earing. A person can make the selection of earing as per the outfit and the occasion

Free Tarot Reading Help Prepared Future

The first free tarot reading cards were used for entertainment purposes. But even today they are full of psychic mystery as they have amazing symbols which can’t really be influenced by only one civilization.

The tarot cards also helped people to educate and understand how the world is operated in strange mystical ways, and how our society is structured. There are many different card decks and every series teaches us something new about life.

Furthermore, a free tarot reading can tell you the future in order to help you to get prepared for upcoming events in your life. It’s also possible to foresee the conceivable actions of people around you. By revealing these secrets, you can be sure that no matter what is going to be, you can deal with it.

Everyone can be a tarot reader but it’s highly recommended to do the psychic reading with a respected, experienced reader

It is true that everyone can be a tarot reader and learn from books or online websites, but still it is better to do it with respected psychic readers. New age psychic can perceive the message much better and also interpret it the right way. Consider this: what if the future is revealed before your eyes and you understand a different meaning? This can cause your life to change direction and maybe to take the wrong path.

The tarot cards are supposed to be accurate because they tell you the true about your past. Which actions in the past led you to your current situation and what you need to do right now in order to have a better future. In the end you still have the power, you make the final choice and not the tarot cards, so whatever they might reveal, always have in mind that the reading session is amendable as long as you schedule it in advance. It is like getting a second opinion, because sometimes we want guidance and little advice about love, relationships, work and other subjects that might be bothering us.

A free tarot reading will put you in a position of self-discovery, you will get to know yourself much better, and it has a deep psychological effect as well as spiritual meanings. In our daily life we can lose our touch with nature and universe. This is very sad because we are a small unit of energy that has to live in peace with our world.

A theory states that people choose a tarot card reading because they want to unveil something from their own personality

Even if you don’t believe in the mystery signs , there is a great theory stating that we choose these tarot cards because we want to express something from our personality. For example, if we want to success, then we will choose a card that looks very similar to our desire to be successful. So it doesn’t matter if you pick the card or the card picks you. You go hand to hand together to the unknown.

Two different psychics on Psychic reading Online can read and pick different tarot cards for you. But this doesn’t mean that the reading is inaccurate because life is dynamic and change every second and so is the future. The next time you want a little glance about what will happen take the time to consult the spirits because they are rarely wrong.

Psychic skills are defined by an innate ability to process sensory data both tangible and intangible stimuli on an extremely deep emotional, physical, or spiritual level. We start to believe that emotions and intuition are antithetical to science and reason. Your psychic gifts are never completely lost.

Law Of Attraction Tips On The Web – Explore the tips

According to its believers, the Law of Attraction has been around since the very dawn of time. But, it was never properly articulated until the New Thought movement came along in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. By consulting your preferred web search engine, you’ll come up with plenty of websites that offer Law of Attraction tips.

You can understand this Law of Attraction manifesting method to get the peace of mind and good health. There is a need to know about the tips to have desired results. The attraction of human is excellent with the use of the law. The meeting of the expectations is possible. 

The foundational belief of this Law is that a human being attracts whatever he thinks of. So, according to the believers, if bad things come to someone, it’s because the he had thought of them. If any good things come to someone, again, it’s because he had allowed thoughts of those good things to enter his mind.

The believers say, if you want true love, tons of money, or a great job, you’ll attract it to you if you think about it. They claim that if you think of good health, you can keep from getting sick, and that you will recuperate if you’re already sick. And, they say, there would be world-wide peace if everyone were a believer.

One thing that has to be mastered, is to not think of any bad things, or else they’ll be attracted to you, as well.

The believers use quantum physics laws to try to explain these phenomena. They say that because quantum physics laws are universal, anyone in the entire world can benefit from the Law of Attraction.

Believers in the Law sell seminars, books, CDs, and DVDs with instructional guides about how people can make it work in their own lives. You’ll also find vendors who offer cruises, complete with onboard workshops.

You’ll find that different practitioners may teach the Law in slightly different ways. However, they all seem to agree about the three basic steps. To Ask means, you know what you want and have asked the universe for it. To Believe means, you behave as if you know that the object you’ve requested is already on its way. Finally, to Receive means, be ready to receive the object when it finally arrives.

As you’ve probably already imagined, some intriguing questions have been brought up. For example, what happens if there’s only one opening for a higher paying job, but two people think that they want it? Or, what if you want to save your marriage, but your spouse doesn’t? When the desires of two people conflict with each other, how does the Law allow both people to attract the things that they want?

What are the measures which should be considered before consuming CBD oil for various health conditions? 

CBD oil is one of the best CBD-based products as it contains a good amount of CBD. These oils start affecting speedily in our body, and only a few drops of them are enough for us. If you are willing to buy CBD oil, then ask your doctor first for the circumstances, benefits, and all the things associated with it. CBD originates from the cannabis plant, and it also has three variants. The first one is isolate which is a pure form of CBD, and it does not contain any other ingredient. Then comes the full-spectrum CBD, in which you will find all the ingredients, including THC. The last one is broad-spectrum, in which there are all the ingredients along with CBD, but there is no THC in it.

Three of them have different characteristics, and doctors recommend them in different health conditions. A beginner person or even a pro person should always learn some tips before taking huile cbdThese tips are essential, and they will save you from so many side effects which can take place due to unawareness. You should always look for the full-spectrum CBD-based product as most doctors suggest it, and it resolves so many health issues as well. Let’s have a look at these tips in brief.

  • Always look for the full-spectrum products

You should always look for full-spectrum CDB based products as they are beneficial for our overall health. Most doctors recommend their patients to take the full-spectrum product as they can resolve so many health issues. Full-spectrum CDB includes all the ingredients along with CBD, and it also contains THC. This means you will get all the benefits of the cannabis plant in it, and there are very few chances of side effects in your body. Besides this, full-spectrum CBD is the only compound that is absorbed easily by our body, and it gives the best results, as we have seen in so many people. So, you should look after this compound. However, if your doctor has suggested you some other compounds, then go on for that.

  • Make sure that the product you have chosen is third-party tested

The third-party labs attest the products which are made in this generation. This is because, in the third-party labs, they test everything about the product. The product is tested externally as well as internally, and when they approve the product, then you can easily take it. Some of the companies share the result of the third-party labs on their websites to build the trust of their customers more. There will be written on the product that it is tested by a third-party lab or not, and you should make sure this thing.

  • Check the information written on the bottle

The packaging of every product contains some information about the product on it and we should definitely go through that. Likewise, in the CBD oil bottle also, you should read the information written on it and should be aware of the ingredients included in it. Sometimes, some allergic ingredients are included in the product, which can harm your body, and some ingredients do not suit our body which can also become a reason for having side effects. So, you should read all the information and discuss it with your doctor that. He/she will tell you that the product is good for you or not.

  • Begin with less amount

CBD oils are so much power, and they have high potency of CBD present in them. You should always start taking the drug in small amounts. This will be very helpful for you as your body takes some time to absorb any drug and to understand it. Plus, CBD is harmful to your body if you will take it in high amounts. Starting with small amounts, you can increase the dosage with the time and with the stage of your disease which you are facing currently.

  • Check out the potency 

CBD oils come in different potencies in the market, and you have to choose one which is recommended by your doctor you. If you take a product with higher potency, then there are high chances of getting side effects from that product. If you have taken a low potency product, then you will never face any difference in your health issue. You have to choose a product with accurate potency, which should give positive results to you.

To sum up 

CBD oils are best in all the ways, and you can take them on a regular basis, but with the consent of your doctor. So many people face the problem of knowing the correct amount of CBD to be taken in a particular health issue. For those people, some of the tips have been discussed above; check them out.  

Phentermine Weight Loss Miracle

In modern day society, we live in a period of time that is full of competition. People are consistently striving to be the best that they can be at whatever task they are opting to complete. Everyone inadvertently wants to be able to put their best face forward. When speaking about different things from an appearance standpoint, there is relatively one thing that seems to get in a lot of peoples ways and hinder them from their tasks. Weight loss has been an extremely difficult subject for many people to converse about.

There are wide arrays of different dieting programs presently being showcased on the market that boast superb results for the individual that opts to give them a try. However, for the most part a lot of these so called miracle diets do not yield the type of results that many are after. There is one magic pill that actually might be the answer to your ailments.

This magic pill, known to the world as Phentermine, may be the one thing that you were lacking in the past when it came to your weight loss endeavors. Phentermine has been showing superb results and is presently recommended by healthcare professionals across the globe as one of the best ways to eliminate excess fat and gain the desired body stature that you have ailed for.

This super weight loss pill is appropriate for people of all ages. What is simply amazing about Phentermine are the incredible effects that it is having on people that desire to lose excess weight. There are two methods in particular that make this magic weight loss pill effective.

One of the best fat burner is Phentermine. The first thing that Phentermine will do in order to aid in weight loss is stimulate the central nervous process. This stimulation will help reduce the overall food intake amount of the individual and help suppress food cravings. Being able to suppress ones craving for food is actually one of the best ways to eliminate a weight loss ailment altogether.

The other method that Phentermine uses in order to aid in weight loss is it progressively increases the heartbeat of the individual that consumes it. By gradually increasing ones heartbeat this will allow the individual to experience increased energy and an increased metabolic rate. Inadvertently, most people that are victims to weight gain have become victims to this ailment because as we age our metabolic rates begin to slow down.

By increasing your metabolic rate, you can begin to burn off excess calories in a short amount of time. If you engage in a regimen that involves a variety of different simple exercises this will also help enhance the results that you can expect with this diet pill.

It is advised in order to reap the full benefits of using Phentermine that an individual should carefully monitor their calorie intake and opt to participate in some kind of physical activity at least 30 minutes per day. Results will vary from person to person. However, overall this magic diet pill has already helped a plethora of people reach their weight loss goals. 

There are many fat burners which are available in the market. They help a person to lose weight easily without putting in extra effort. These fat burners contain certain ingredients which boost the process of fat loss. Who would not want to make the process hassle-free without any major drawbacks?

Astonishing Facts About Full Spectrum Cbd Oil

Cannabidiol is also known as CBD popularity is growing at an increasing rate for the management of a lot of various conditions such as pain, depression and anxiety. The full spectrum cbd oil research is still in the process to know more about these products and information regarding the same.

Here are some of the surprising facts about CBD:-

1. Types of CBD

CBD is available in more than 50-60 types of forms. Cannabis oil constitutes more than 60 types of cannabinoids. The health benefits of it are discovered in just several of them.

2. Discovery of CBD

Humans have used cannabis for thousands of years for several health benefits and recreation. Cannabis constitutes a substance known as THC, which is why we experience euphoria and addiction after consuming it at high dosages. Cannabis was considered illegal in the mid-20s. The discovery of the CBD took place in the 1940s.

3. Legality of CBD

If you want to acquire CBD legally, you should only get it from approved cultivars of hemp. However, many countries have approved CBD legally only if the composition of THC is below 0.2%. And the low composition of THC in CBD can only be acquired from hemp plants. Every country’s government maintains an approved list of hemp plants that are allowed for cultivation.

4. Non-Psychotic

CBD is non-psychotic since the sales of any kind of psychotic substance are controlled by all the countries. Even though CBD has many health benefits, it is not psychotic.

5. Working power of CBD

In association with other cannabinoids, CBD functions better. Several pharmacological drugs use a single chemical compound of CBD for the management of health conditions. According to research, this same process does not go well with natural compounds. The phenomenon of CBD working efficiently with other cannabinoids is known as the entourage effect.

6. Influencing power of CBD

The working power of CBD depends both on the endocannabinoid system as well as non-ECS pathways. The discovery of the endocannabinoid system led to comprehending the exerting effects of CBD and how it affects our body. There are multiple endocannabinoid receptors present in the different tissues of the body and the brain. It is believed that the influence of cannabinoids is also on non-ECS pathways.

7. Hemp and CBD oil are not identical 

The extraction of both hemp and CBD oil takes place from the same plant. This particular fact creates a lot of mess. It is noteworthy to know that CBD oil extraction takes place from the flowers and buds of hemp. The extraction of hemp oil can be done through its seed where there is no presence of cannabinoids.

8. CBD is not entirely legal

CBD is yet to be legalised wholly. The laws differ from one country to another, and some CBD products are yet to gain legality in several parts of the world.

These are some of the unknown facts about CBD oil. This could provide you with more information about this particular oil.

My Ex Wants To Talk About Something

Breaking up closes a life’s chapter for both couples. This opens a door to a new life ahead. A life without the most special person in your life. A life without commitment. No responsibility. No bonds. No rules. No nothing.

Being single is a good idea. However, being single after a breakup is never a good notion. It hurts. It stabs us to death. We seldom see broken-hearted people who can still have the guts to throw some humor to make people laugh hilariously. We seldom see broken-hearted people who still manage to carry out their jobs very perfectly.

It’s very hard to be caught in this emotional crisis. We sometimes pretend. We have a tendency to prefer being alone. We sometimes make our darkroom a best friend. Darkness had been our resting place when sadness swallows up our critical thinking.

Being in this situation is never foolish. Whether we like it or not, we don’t have any other choice but to ride on with the rollercoaster of emotion resulted from a shattered relationship. There is no other way to get ourselves out of this drowning predicament but to face it. Never fear getting hurt. Bleed makes us feel that we are alive.

This is never easy. We cannot expect anybody to move on from a broken relationship in just a matter of weeks or months. It takes months or even years to heal the wound of the sad past.

First and foremost, self-denial must be avoided. Acceptance is one way of making everything fall into its proper place. Broken-hearted ones ought to view the separation as temporary. The break-up is a perfect spot to enhance what needs to be developed to make the relationship better. Accept that this happens for a purpose.

Moreover, break-up happens not just because of a very intense quarrel. But, this is a result of accumulated anger, pain, and another mishmash of negative emotions that happened in the past. The quarrel only triggers it to occur.

Acceptance makes dealing with the pain a lot easier. Admit that you are angry. If you do, be it. Admit that you are deeply in pain. Cry. Weep. Sob. That’s typical. Admit that you are faulty in some sense. Don’t be too defensive. Learn to empty your heart with all those undesirable emotions you keep at the bottommost part of your heart. Breathe it out. You have the right to be free from all the sad memoirs of a failed affair.

Regain confidence and self-identity. The break-up is not about you as a whole. It might be something about you. Therefore, improve the faults. Be a better person. But never change your entire well-being. Bear in mind that you are a totally wonderful person. You are worthy of the same love that you can give to someone. You are worthy of a second chance.

It can be stated that if your relationship is made to last for a lifetime, time and fate will make miracles to make it whole again. “Time heals.” This is a very familiar quote for us. Certainly, time cures even the deepest wound created by the worst experience in love. Destiny creates wonders. When the perfect time comes, love will be the one to revive the passion and connection that had been wrecked by a single decision.

“My ex wants to talk about something.” What must I do?

Be casual. Treat your ex the way you treated other people. If you think that you are strong enough to have a personal and serious talk with him or her; well, be glad to accept the invitation. Take note. This is not a date. Therefore, know your limitations.

Uhm, let’s take it this way. Be a listener. Respect begets respect. If you want your ex to be willing to listen to all your heart’s content, never interrupt. Do not be defensive. Never give an argument a time to lose the chance of fixing your relationship in a very decent manner.

Learn to be open to criticism. Take it as a challenge to defeat. Take it as a perfect venue to be a better person. Talk about the faults you both committed both consciously and not. Just explore Westword as the site offers multiple ways through which you can learn how to take criticism in a positive way. 

After doing so, decide what concrete actions to take. Formulate a better game plan before starting over from trash. Through these proactive actions, you will certainly rebuild a relationship that is stronger, bolder, and fiercer.

Innovative Reinforced Building Designs To Avoid A Catastrophe Like Earthquakes

Today you can witness some incredible building designs and structures that could amaze anyone with their out-of-the-box innovative construction. But back in time, when people used to build houses or multi-story buildings, there were limited and basic structures with the least safety measures against earthquake seismic waves. This is why most old buildings, which aren’t even that high, fall to dust while a skyscraper built with modern design and construction ideas stands tall proudly.

It has all became possible due to the newly introduced building materials and innovative structural engineering. And the best part is that using some of these ideas and materials, we can also safeguard the old buildings which don’t have enough support to withstand earthquakes, and this procedure is termed as στατικη ενισχυση κτιριων.

Process Of Strengthening Existing Foundations Of An Old Building

The foundations are most likely to get eroded or become weak after so many years of holding the building in position. There could be multiple reasons behind this, such as accumulating moisture due to leaking pipes or soil erosion or bending of foundation due to extra load, etc. So, to strengthen the structure of the building, reinforcement of foundation and columns can be done.

  • One way to strengthen the foundation is to install dowels in the footing, fasten new steel bars, and create a new steel cage around it to strengthen and ensure proper load transfer.
  • Another way to do this is to underpin and enlarge the foundation’s base by using solid concrete slabs to strengthen it.
  • And a simple alternative could be piling or broadening the foundation with new shock-absorbent material.

Reinforcement Ready Building Material And Designs

Using reinforcement material in newly built buildings is a must if you want to protect them against earthquakes. Structural engineers also propose not only material but reinforcement designs to strengthen the building design. For instance, these days, you will find unique reinforcement concrete mix mixed with shock absorbents and strengthening material used for foundation and shear walls generally. These would minimize the vibrations caused by seismic waves for the rest of the building by absorption.

Modern Building Designs That Are Earthquake-Proof And Highly Innovative

In order to withstand an earthquake and avoid collapse, the building has to redistribute the vibrations or forces coming from the earthquake. There are multiple technologies for στατικη ενισχυση κτιριων that can be used, such as shear walls, cross braces, or moment-resisting frames and diaphragms.

Cross braces and shear walls are generally built together to help the building maintain its shape. The steel beams used for diagonal cross braces support compression and can withstand tension, which will counteract the pressure and push forces to the foundation during an earthquake.

Diaphragms are used in the center of the building to divide the pressure equally among the vertical structures. The floor slab is placed right above the horizontal frames so that it does not put a load on any single column but divide most of it horizontally, and the columns then handle the rest.

A Look Back At The History Of Dog Sledding

It is a given fact that dog sledding has definitely become a very popular sport in our society and culture, nowadays. Dog sledding can not only be used for occupational activities but as well as it can be a recreation with toys from the pet supplies store for many. A number of people would also even prefer the game of dog sledding compare to anything else. But then again the question is, how wide is the scope of our knowledge when it comes to the history of dog sledding? Do we even know how the game dog sledding first came to be? Are we aware on how this game started and on how much impact it has caused towards many people?

Well, dog sledding mainly started as a method of transportation in the different Arctic regions of the world for hundreds of years ago. Thus, it just shows that dog sledding is one of the very first methods of transportation long before the airplanes and trains came. Dog sledding has certainly a very big role in the lives of the people living in these cold regions. Through dog sledding, people were also able to survive well and they were able to transport their needs from one place to another. With dog sledding, people from the Arctic regions lived life easily and comfortably since they were able to utilize their dog sleds well. Dog sledding has truly been playing a very vital role when it comes to the civilization of Arctic regions.

Moreover, as years passed by dog sledding has transformed from being a method of transportation and became a recreational sport. The first sled dog raced occurred on the year 1908 that was organized by the All Alaska Sweepstakes, having a distance of 408 miles which is from Nome to Candle and going back. The winner of this first dog sled race was John Hegness having a record time of four days, twenty-three hours, fifteen minutes and twelve seconds. After two years, the entries joining the sled dog races have increased rapidly as well as the pace of the racers. The winner in the year 1910 was John Johnson, who has an unbeatable record of three days, two hours, fourteen minutes and thirty-seven seconds.

Furthermore, in the early 1920’s sled dog racing became very popular in New England. While, sled dog racing had its glorious years in the late 1920’s towards the 1930’s wherein, numerous business sponsorships were offered to professional dog sled racers to help them in their funding. These sponsorships also allowed them to travel across different countries to compete. With the public media present, sled dog races became more developed and it attracted more sled dog enthusiasts. In the year 1932, sled dog racing was attributed in the Lake Placid Winter Olympics and again at the Oslo Olympics in the year 1952. Just like any other being, this sport was also affected and interrupted during the two different World Wars since both dogs and drivers were in committed to their very own countries.

In spite of these hindrances, dog sled racing were able to surface and come out again. In addition, the Sled Dog Racing Association was formed to take charge when it comes to the organization of racers from different country. While the International Federation of Sled dog Sports was also formed, in order for them to take charge of many sled dog organizations.

There are numerous dog products out there for recreation, protection, or just plain fun. For example, you might choose to get a harness or a seat belt to make car rides safer. Whippet might need a fleece jacket for freezing winters. rom clothing to safety devices, the possibilities are endless. Just remember to get what your dog needs first, and what you want second.

Everything You Need To Know Before Smoking Meat

Are you in love with the flavor of the slow-smoked meat? Well, many do. But in case you are new to smokers, then smoking with some tips and a tad bit of practice, you can also cook the delicious smoked food items on the Best BBQ Smokers

Besides, there’s nothing nice and better than the slow-smoked meat you get off the grill. The incredible smoky flavor and wood aromas combined with the tender and juicy meat is the match-made stuff in heaven. That said, if you wish to get better with smoking and are looking to hone the craft, it usually comes to the basics. So here’s presenting some of the handy tips and things you need to know before Smoking Meat.

Some of the considerable things

  • Make use of Wood Chips, BBQ Pellets or Chunks

The smoking wood chunks and chips are available and accessible in a huge range of flavors such as hickory, pecan, and apple. Be careful, though, that numerous woods create distinct flavor profiles in the meat. As you will be cooking meat for a longer time, do not be afraid to stock up. Using the conventional and regular wood smoker, the wood chunks will make a fine choice than the chips as they last longer and are also denser.

  • Way to Go: Low & Slow

The finest way to smoke their meat is slowly making use of the low, indirect heat with the wood smoke. If you use the charcoal grill, build a fire on one end of a grill and place the meat on the other end. The meat shall never be directly right above the flame when smoking. When using the smoker, the fire will likely be in the offset firebox or separated via a heat deflector in the vertical smoker.

  • Do Not Over Smoke That Is The Key

Aim for the blueish smoke/thin white from an exhaust vent. How one builds a fire and goes on to load a firebox directly affects the output of smoke. Airflow is essential to clean-burning fire, which produces smoke one wants. Dense, darker smoke may end up overpowering the very taste of food.

  • Spritz To Keep Your Meat Nice, Moist, And Tender

When the surface of meat dries up, it forms a barrier, which prevents the smoke infusion. When Spritzing meat and fruit juices, water, or cider vinegar while smoking helps the meat keep it nice and moist. One can add some of the other ingredients, too, with the likes of the Worchester sauce, soy sauce, and olive oil for variations in flavor.

  • Make Use Of The Marinade Injector

Before smoking, one can inject the larger pieces of meat with the help of sauces containing herbs, butter, chicken, or beef broth using the marinade injector. That injected liquid will add flavors to meat and keep it nice and juicy, particularly for the longer smoking times.

To know further, you may look over the web and gather more info on the same.