Search Engine Recognition Tips – Explore the tips

When you’re designing your website there are some basic rules you will want to follow in order to make your site appealing to the general public as well as the search engines. We call this in the business user and search engine friendly. This has to be a calculated balance of information so your site will be recognized by both the consumer and the search engines.

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Users may be impressed with the pictures and flash of your site and enjoy some humorous quotes you’ve included, however, the search engine don’t recognize flash and pictures or sayings that is not relative to your site content. The search engines are interested in good well written keyword specific relative content only. You must keep in mind here that first of all you must be recognized by the search engines to get listed on the internet. Without the search engines help, no one will ever see your site. The information we want to share with you today is how can we achieve this critical balance.

One of the most common reasons why a web site is not indexed by the search engines is rather simple. If your site URL is embedded in JavaScript, most search engines will not recognize or index your web pages. By making some basic changes in your source code of your site, you can make a major difference in the acceptance or rejection of the search engines. There are a couple of other small additions to this process that we will be discussing in some upcoming articles….so stay tuned.

Other reasons for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing rejecting your site could be insufficient or non relevant content on your webpages. Since only content is read by the search engines, it’s imperative to have enough keyword rich content for the engines to give the proper weight to the good content for indexing purposes. A good example would be…picture your site as a book in the public library. The library likes to stock good quality books in their collection of reading materials. Your website content is as important to the search engines as the good books importance is to the library. Content is what the engines uses to list your site and rank your site of where it should be in their library of information know as the internet.

Rest assured that if your website contains only images, Flash and JavaScript your site will probably be ignored by the search engines because they are structured not to read this type of graphics. Your site will be more relevant if you use HTML text in your website. This is known as source code. If you don’t know how to write some basic HTML or have a good text editor then you need to attend some classes covering this important aspect of building acceptable information for the search engines.

When search engine robots spider your site they will normally only look at the front page which should be your index page (index.html). Having links on this page linking to the others pages of your site will be picked up by the spiders when they visit your index.html page. Another way of getting the spiders to pick up your other pages can be accomplished by placing the links to your other pages at the bottom of the index page.

Frame styles in your site may be another rejection indicator for the search engines. By making your site a non-frame site and including normal hyperlinks will make the search engines robots extremely receptive to indexing your site as well as accepting your website for recognition on the web.

There are some search engine like Google and AltaVist who will completely ignore your site if you have invalid html tag sequences. Double check your code and make sure your opening and closing tags, table opening and closing table tags are displayed correctly. Make sure all of your content is between the opening body tag and the closing body tags in your source code.

These few helpful tips should get you recognized by the search engines and earn a page rank that will get you recognized online. You too can earn the coveted distinction of the elite few who show up in some of the ‘Top Positions on Google’. It takes your dedication to learn the process and then applying what you learn to further your online presence.

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Few Important Things you must know about Content Marketing

Content marketing has been one of the most effective and solid method to get the word out about your online business. You will find hundreds of thousands of bloggers writing quality content every day and publishing them it authority sites from where they receive traffic and value for their content.

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Now when it comes to marketing a new website, you simply should have a well thought-out content marketing strategy for your site. No website marketing plan is complete without content marketing and it is also important for your to realize the need of quality content not only for your readers, but educating your online audience about your business as well.

Before you start with content marketing campaign, make sure you know what you ought to do when it comes to writing and publishing your content online. Below are few common things you must adopt while starting the process:

  1. Always write for people

I keep repeating this because there are still writers who use keywords in the content as they are writing for search engine bots and not for their readers. Come on guys, it is your ‘human visitors’ that are going to read your content and purchase from you, not search engines. Sure search engines are a source of traffic but it should now be clearly understood that using keywords without any logic is just not going to help you with your SEO efforts. So write for people and stay natural as you write.

  1. Write something worthy with call-to-action & motivational phrases

Writing naturally on the topic is a different (and good) thing but also make sure that the content you write has good data and information for your audience. You will find many articles on the web which you would rank as low profile content just because the theme of the content is either simple or the content has no such information. Now you will also find sites with high quality and informative articles which you would find interesting to read over and over. As a writer, the difference is the information you are providing, formatting, and styling of your content for your readership. Do not write to irritate readers, instead write to motivate them by having a clear theme in mind and a purpose to educate readers with the best information you can provide on the topic.

  1. Do not worry too much about using keywords.

As long as you are writing on a topic related to your business, you do not have to worry about using keywords at all. The thing to consider is to make sure the content you are producing covers what your readers are willing to read. Writing content with stuffed keywords would simply decrease the level of quality and information added in the article and will not help you build your audience.

  1. Social media is important

Once you have published your content, do not forget to spread the word about it through social media profiles. If you are not an active user of social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook then I suggest you make accounts and start interacting right away. Social signals have significant value when it comes to ranking websites in search engines and it is crucial for you to take your piece of pie by using the best of these social platforms.

Just a friendly reminder. Using keywords should not be your primary goal to write and publish content on the web. Content marketing is for branding and marketing purpose and if you are doing it just to get couple of backlinks to your website, then you are not thinking about long term goals.

Tips And Tricks To Increase Blog Traffic

Every single person who writes blogs wishes to get more and more traffic on his page. There are so many tips and tricks that different bloggers use and are successful in their field. The main factor for a blog to get more traffic is that it must have quality content. Apart from the content, how the matter is presented also plays a huge role. One must try and provide relevant content. This is the key to top the google search.

Types of blog traffic  

Blog traffics of many different types. To mention a few –

  • Social Traffic

Social media traffic involves the traffic one gets through social media. One factor that a person should keep in mind while writing blogs and uploading them is that one should know where they will get the target viewers. One must know the platform and master it first. Generally, people do try to advertise on many social media platforms at once. As a result, one fails in keeping up with all the social media platforms at once.

  • Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is also known as TOPA. TOPA stands for Top Of Mind Awareness. In layman’s terms, TOPA means that the brand comes to mind when one thinks about a particular product. If a particular brand comes to mind when one thinks of a product, it is obvious that there will be more traffic on its website or blog. It can only happen by investing some time and knowing exactly what a consumer wants.

  • Referral Traffic

Referral traffic refers to traffic that one gets from different sources. For this, one needs to know exactly where their audience belongs to. By doing this, the person can target that very audience. It happens when a person clicks on a link, and the person is directed to your blog page.

 How to increase blog traffic

There are many different ways by which one can increase blog traffic. Look at the various methods of increasing traffic.

  • Focus on pillar articles

pillar articles are those which cover every topic that is related to that particular article. A major mistake that every new blogger makes is that he writes different articles covering different topics related to one another. When the consumer can find every detail and information in one article, he sticks to that very blog page.

  • Update the content

giving information that is not up to date leaves a bad impression on the reader. Thus, one must always make it a point always to provide updated information. One must try to remove outdated information. Adding more pictures and screenshots attracts viewers and thus increases traffic.

  • Crosslinking posts

this is very simple. All one needs to do is add a link to an old post in the new post. So, when a person reads a post, he also gets a link to another blog. When this happens, traffic in the other blog also increases.

  • Appropriate headlines

One must be wise enough in choosing the headline. The headline must be catchy and attract viewers. Another factor to be kept in mind is that the article must be of a type that people can relate to.

  • Boosting new posts

it is understood that organic traffic is better than paid traffic. If a blog page grows organically, then the page has permanent readers, provided the content quality is top-notch. But then, in the beginning, one has to get some view to enter the game and win, of course. For this very purpose, it is generally advised to invest some money. One can go for paid ads from Also one can get huge traffic from mails