What is an Arpeggiator VST plugin? Why a musician should have one?

An Arpeggiator is a powerful musical tool that transforms any chord or note into a complex rhythmic, tonally dynamic musical sequence. Each Arpeggiator is different, but the most basic ones allow the user to control the clock rate and note divisions. They also have the ability to change the direction of play. Electronic music is vastly popular due to Arpeggiators plugins. They can add flavor and variety to even the simplest compositions. Arpeggiators are used by many well-known electronic artists. We will be sharing some of the most popular DAW VST Hub Arpeggiator List right now in the next paragraphs.

SimpArp by WOK

SimpArp is one of our most basic Arpeggiators. It is the easiest Arpeggiator to use, as it has a user-friendly interface, with zero menu-diving option. The drawback is that it is not compatible with Windows. Wok offers more downloads if you are looking to explore further. To create an account, you will only need to register. 

Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator

Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator offers the same basic operations as any other Arpeggiators. This multi-channel Arpeggiator lets you control four devices at once by routing MIDI data from your software to each source. The plus point of this Arpeggiator is its graphical interface. For those who want simplicity, Sweet MIDI Arpeggiator has little to no menu diving.

Arpeggiator by Ableton Live

It is worth noting Ableton Arpeggiator. Although it might seem simple, it offers all the same features as most standalone Arpeggiator. Both of these features (offset and groove) add variety and swing to your arpeggios. It is a complete built-in Arpeggiator. You can still use Ableton Lite Arpeggiator even if you do not want to buy Ableton Standard Version or the Full Suite. There are some limitations. Be aware of what Ableton Live Lite offers. 

Sugar Bytes – Thesys

Thesys is more complicated than its competitors are. Thesys is a MIDI sequencer with many features that allows you to create your own arpeggio patterns or choose from a set of presets and then test them. You can use the onboard synthesizer for testing patterns or route MIDI data into another software or hardware. The visual representation of each arpeggio parameter is one of Thesys’ most outstanding features. You can change any parameter (velocity, gate time and modulation) while working on a project. 

Cream Arpeggiator from Kirnu

The Cream Arpeggiator is a powerful tool. It is also much more affordable compared to others in segment. Cream includes all of the basic features, but with more options, such as chord memory, independent tracks and a visual pattern sequencer. This allows you to trigger various options like transposing, mutating and mangling without having to touch your software. You can also save presets and modify them to suit your needs. The plugin can route MIDI to up to four tracks simultaneously. 

Cthulhu by Xfer Records

It is a favorite among electronic music producers because of its ability to unleash creativity in a matter of seconds. This plugin is a combination of a chord progression generator and a pattern-based Arpeggiator. You can also program the plugin so that it receives MIDI data if the user wants to control the software with knobs or sliders from an external device. It allows you to customize your arpeggios step-by-step like no other plugins.

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