What Are The Differences Between The Two Greatest Minecraft Mobs

Minecraft is mainly an Xbox game that is played by a lot of people all over the world. This game instantly won everybody’s heart as soon as it was released. The game was released in October 2011, and even in 2021, it has 140 million monthly active users. So now you know it’s not a joke that everyone loves this game!

But what exactly is so special about this game? It is an Xbox game, and everybody loves Xbox. The developers, Mojang Studios and creators Markus “Notch” Persson did an amazing job with the game, and we’re seeing the results now. The game is available on almost every platform that you can name. Be it IOS, Android, Playstation, Microsoft, or Mac OS. Since Minecraft is a game that is supposed to be bought and you can not download for free, there are many Minecraft accounts for sale available online.

This game is filled with 3D blocks and tools. Here, the players are supposed to retrieve tools and crafts needed for building blocks and huge buildings. They also have to fight all the mobs that come in their way while the players are trying to complete their mission. Minecraft has been titled as “the best-selling video game of all time.” This game has had over 200 million copies that have been sold all around the globe. The game is now an entire series, and it has some amazing editions to it. Survival is the most important aspect of these games. The games have different game modes. The mobs that enter the game area according to the game mode you’re playing in. Players also get an option to modify the game to the extent that they like the most. This is what makes the game everyone’s favourite. You can modify the game mode, assets, items, and mechanics.

Minecraft has been critically acclaimed and has won a lot of awards. It won the award of “the greatest video game of all time”, and we’re sure this game has more to come!


Minecraft has two forms of main characters, players and mobs. Mobs can be around and interact with other players and other mobs as well. The mobs have further classifications, too, that depends on their behaviour. There are passive mobs, neutral mobs, and hostile mobs. The mobs are very likely to change their behaviour in certain situations, for example, when they get attacked. Apart from the classifications listed above, mobs have other types too.

  • Utility Mobs: These mobs are created by the players themselves for their benefit. Their main purpose is to protect the rest of the players and some villagers from other types of mobs that are usually more aggressive.
  • Passive Mobs: The Passive Mobs are the extremely calm ones out of the lot. They do not attack or try to harm anyone, and if they do get attacked, they leave the scene. They care about their safety and believe that others care about their safeties too. These mobs are the helping hands to the rest of the players. They provide any tools that the player might need. They also try their best to protect the players from harmful mobs.
  • Neutral Mobs: As the name suggests, these mobs are very neutral. They aren’t that calm or dangerous. They attack only when someone else attacks them. 
  • Hostile Mobs: These mobs are in the game to fulfil their main purpose: to attack others in the game. They attack anyone who is in a certain range around them.
  • Boss Mobs: The name sounds pretty cool, right? That is what the whole game is! These mobs are an advanced level of hostile mobs. They can detect better, fight better, capture better.
  • Upcoming Mobs: There are still new types of mobs coming in, and these will be accessible to the players after a few updates to the game.
  • Unused Mobs: These mobs are only available in the Minecraft source code, not survival.
  • Education Edition: As the name suggests, these mobs are only in the education edition.
  • Removed Mobs: These are available only in the older versions of the game.

These mobs have great visuals, and it’s extremely fun to play with them present in the game. I’m pretty sure that all Minecraft lovers would agree!

Differences Between Wolf Mob and Fox Mob

As you can already see, there are quite a few different types of mobs, and all of them have different characteristics that make them unique in their way. Just like that, there are differences between the wolf mob and fox mob too.

These two mobs may look a little similar, and we do not deny that they have no similarities at all, but they have more differences than that.

Let us have a look at their differences

  • One of the biggest differences between them is their behaviour. Wolf mobs are the neutral mobs in this game, whereas fox mobs are passive mobs.
  • Appearance: The wolf mobs are larger compared to the fox mobs.
  • Spawning Areas: These two mobs may be spawning in the same area, but there is a slight difference that you may not have noticed. Fox mobs can spawn only in the taiga biomes; on the other hand, Wolf mobs can spawn in other biomes too.

It is impossible for someone not to love Minecraft because there isn’t a single drawback. Yep only is that we cannot let go of it ever!!

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