The Best Post Workout Meal – Know about the workout meals 

As we all think that bodybuilding and fitness foods will be Super Expensive and a common man thinks that it’s not possible to afford that. But it’s no more like that and it’s a false myth in our stupid brain. Bodybuilding is different level of game but a common man won’t do bodybuilding but everyone in the universe wants to be healthy and fit so there comes the fitness in to play. Coming in to Scenario when you take bodybuilding or fitness, the post workout nutrition is more important than any other thing. In this article I’m gonna give a wonderful idea about post workout nutrition and that too under budget (Which is few bucks that everyone can afford).

It is essential for you to know about the workout meal in order to get a reduction in the fat quickly. You need to choose the supplements that have good nutrition and proteins for the availability of the best shape. Experts recommended testosterone boosters along with the meals to have the muscle gain and belly fat elimination. 


Adding two fully ripened bananas immediately after your post workout can help you in giving sustained energy release to your body. The other important fact is that it is low in calories (Approximately each banana will have 110 calories) and most interesting thing is that it holds around 3 grams of fiber in each banana and this helps a lot in digestion. As we all know banana are famous for its rich in iron, manganese (Which helps to protect the bones) and potassium.

It has some good fast digesting carbohydrates which human body uses as the primary source of energy. It is also rich in amino profile which helps in mood enhancement (Relaxation and Happiness) and it can reduce muscle cramps after you finish your hard training. Do you think that this what banana has got? If you think like that then you are completely wrong because it is fat and cholesterol free. Don’t you feel that you have got such a good friend to your post workout meal, Yeah that’s the true fact. I’m not gonna leave you here because you gonna get a wonderful Banana Smoothie Recipe.

Cottage Cheese:

Cottage cheese is also a perfect post workout meal choice as it is low in calories and rich in Casein protein. If you are working out in the night time, then I can surely say this cottage cheese gonna help you in your gains in building muscle mass. Casein protein are slow digesting protein which has rich amino profile and as said it is a slow digesting protein which helps you to recover you in the night time. Almost it can recover your body for 8 hours when you are in sleep. When you are dieting everything is all about calories and you need to make sure that you are hitting your macros and micros and here comes the bomb cottage cheese which are really low in calories and low in carbohydrates and it also has very less fat and this can be a best post workout choice for you. Sounds great right!!! Then give a try.

If you have struggle to have cottage cheese then here are the calorie restricted food choice for you!!!

Wheat Bread, Whole Eggs and Peanut Butter:

Sounds crazy, this combination has lots of health benefits when you add these as a post workout meal because it has some naturally occurring fats from both peanut butter and whole eggs with an addition it has huge amount of protein in there. And you are gonna get complex carbohydrates and few fiber from the wheat bread. This sounds like a perfect post workout real food stack, yeah it is. And most importantly you are not gonna spend more than 3 bucks from your pocket. White yolks from eggs are rich in amino profile which can fuel your body right away after your hardcore training and get benefited from the fast digesting protein. As we know whole grain breads are rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates in there are gonna react in your body .

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