Best Golf Website Inputs on Usefulness of Rangefinders

The best golf website has a list of some perks that rangefinders carry. They have a handful of complaints from golfers who use such a device as well.

Yes, golf rangefinders are an excellent help for improving the game. But some golfers feel that the device is causing them some troubles too. And knowing both sides is vital for you to consider. That helps you see if a rangefinder suits you well or not.

Pros and Complaints on Rangefinders According to the Best Golf Website

You want to know if golf rangefinders indeed help improve the game or cause distractions. That is a crucial point to see before you buy one, after all. That’s why you should know the pros of rangefinders as well as some complaints from its users.

Perks of Using Golf Rangefinders

  1. It Speeds Up the Game

Golfers use rangefinders because it helps in speeding up their game. They only need to use the device to gather accurate distance estimations of the goal. Then they can take a shot right away. Gone are the days when golfers need to roam around the green for a few hours before taking a shot. 

Such a benefit is helpful since the next player doesn’t need to wait for a long time. Also, it helps finish each game on time, which is perfect for golfers who have other schedules after playing.

  1. Helps Make Accurate Shots

Rangefinders yield accurate estimations for the distance between the golfer and the goal. That eliminates the guessing work that the golfer has to do while increasing the chance of hitting the goal.

  1. Handy and Easy to Use

Golf rangefinders are a small device that looks like a digital camera. That means it is easy to carry around the course, and you can conveniently use it whenever needed. You can even wear rangefinders with built-in straps.

Overall, rangefinders are terrific for improving the game because of the speed and accuracy it brings. Golfers don’t need to rely on wild guesses or asking a professional caddie anymore. However, some golfers who have tried using such a device present some complaints too.

Golfer Complaints about Using Rangefinders

Here are some complaints that some golfers say after using rangefinders:

  1. It is Cheating

Many golfers say that the use of rangefinders equates to cheating the game. That is because it provides accurate distance estimations to its users. 

However, users of rangefinders think that is not the case. First, big tournaments shouldn’t have approved the use of rangefinders if it is cheating. And second, the device only provides distance estimation. That is almost similar to asking a professional caddy about such details.

  1. Rangefinders Consume a Lot of Time

Some golfers complain about such a point because they often see rangefinder users having difficulties with the device. Yes, you need the proper adjustment and settings for the device to yield accurate results. But manually estimating the distance still consumes a lot more time than using rangefinders.

  1. It Removes the Fun of Walking Around the Green

While rangefinders speed up the game, they also decrease the need for golfers to roam around the course. That means an inferior golfing experience for some.

Yes, you can consider such a point if you’re after leisure when playing. But if you want to hit the goal fast enough, then a rangefinder can help. It is a matter of personal preference, after all.

These points would help you balance the pros and cons of rangefinders. That is an essential consideration when you’re thinking of buying one today. But if you need more help, visit the best golf website for more info.

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