7 Crucial Steps On How To Stop A Breakup

Once the storm has passed and all is said and done, you may be preparing for the worse and wondering how to stop a breakup. Too often, couples are unable to control their feelings. They talk or even scream at each other when emotions run high. Then one will blurt out something that should not have been said in the first place, and that could provoke both to contemplate the idea of a breakup.

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When you feel like your relationship is hanging by a thin thread, how do you exactly attempt to get back on track? Haven’t you heard nothing is impossible with love? It is never too late to make amends. And here is how to stop a breakup.

Admit your mistakes

Take responsibility for your shortcomings. Often, the word sorry is the hardest thing that you can say. But it is a good way to start to make amends.

Standing proud amidst a shaky situation can only increase the chances of the relationship leading to a break up. If you seriously want to work things out, then raise the white flag. Stop blaming and start admitting to your own faults. Although you may not necessarily be all to blame about what happened, it can break the ice so your partner may feel humbled too.

Express your love

When you have said your peace, follow up with an expression of your love. Do not just say it, show it. It could be ages since you last expressed how much you appreciate your significant other. Now is the best time to start showing him or her how much you care. It can make you feel vulnerable but if your relationship is worth saving then that is a small sacrifice you must be willing to make.


Listen intently to what your partner has to say. Do not interrupt. Let him or her express what he or she is feeling. Let your partner know he or she can tell you things and unload his or her sentiments.

Do not judge. Try to understand the point he or she is making. If you want him or her back and move on with your life as a couple, you must lend your ears.

Respond with respect

Acknowledge your partner’s feelings. Respond to the points he or she has made without sounding condescending or accusatory. Do not get defensive either. Just let him or her know you understand why he or she is feeling that way.

Ask for forgiveness. And show your partner you are willing to make up for it. Tell him or her how you plan to correct your mistakes and make a promise you can actually keep. Unless you want to go back to the same situation in the future, honor your promises.

Learn to compromise

In a relationship, both your welfare should be considered. It is all about the two of you. Both ends would not meet unless you are both willing to meet each other in the middle. It is no longer about who is wrong or right at this point.

If you give up, both of you will end up losing in the game of love. The sooner you learn to compromise is the easier you will find it to solve issues that may arise in the future.

Learn your lessons

There are lessons that can be learned from every fight you have. Facing the brink of a break up should give you a clearer perspective. Use that to save the relationship from future problems. Earn and take care of the trust you are given.

Finally, you must implement the pledges you have made. Kiss and make up. And avoid getting in circles so you would not have to wonder again how to stop a breakup.

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Zachary Lester is a news writer from Adelaide, Australia. He graduate with flying colors from the University of South Wales.