Get Through Break Up – Know about the essentials

OK, so it’s not going well for whatever reason. Your boyfriend or partner just isn’t living up to your expectations, or doesn’t want to see you any more or you just know that it’s not working out. Be honest with yourself about why it’s not working and don’t hang on in there if he doesn’t want the same from a relationship as you.

Even though breaking up really can be “hard to do”, you can save yourself weeks, months or years of lost or wasted time by getting out early on if your intuition tells you it just isn’t working.

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If it’s you that wants the split

In this case be kind and gentle upon your ex-to-be. In other words, do as you would be done to. Tell him that you want to finish as kindly as you can. Believe me, you are doing him a favour by letting him go to move on to someone who can love him in the way that he deserves. Don’t promise to be friends, unless this is something that you can deliver on. Sometimes the kindest way is to get out of the way and allow your partner the space to get over you. If he tries to cling on to you, then you must gently but firmly stop all contact. Perhaps you might allow him an opportunity to discuss it but be honest about it being over and don’t relent out of guilt. Withdraw from the situation as soon as possible.

If it’s your other half that wants the split

As much as you desperately want to hang on in there, realise that it’s time to let go. Don’t grasp onto something that doesn’t want to be grasped on to. You will only chase it further away. Never cling or go where you are not wanted. Remember that self-respect, dignity and loving yourself are your top priority.

Yes, it’s going to hurt but isn’t a long slow painful falling apart going to hurt even more over the long term? If it’s over then allow yourself some space to grieve, feel those feelings, let them out. If it helps, write a letter to your ex but do not send it.

If you want him back in a relationship capacity then don’t keep in contact and don’t stay just friends. If you stay friends then you won’t give him the opportunity to miss you as you are still in his life in a lesser capacity. If you can cut ties with dignity and self respect, then there’s a chance at a later date that your ex may realise what a wonderfully balanced self-controlled person he is missing and return to you of his own free will. If you turn into a “bunny boiler” at this point then you’ve almost certainly blown it.

How to get over it

Allow yourself the time to grieve; you need to heal your wounds before you get out dating again. The amount of time that this may take will vary and can depend upon how long you were together and how attached you were to your relationship. Be strong; spend your time with the people who love you. When you are on your own you can cry, scream or beat up a pillow if it helps but remember that you existed without this person once before and you can do so again. Look after yourself; when you feel up to it try a new hobby or make some new friends. The sun will shine again and you will be OK, however bad you feel now; and one day you will look back and know that it was the right decision.

Early Warnings 9 Signs Of Cheating In A Relationship

You are generally secure in your current relationship, especially since you and your partner have been together for awhile now. Your trust and love for each other has grown deep, and you practically know everything about each other.

You should not ignore the fact that getting your ex back into your life will allow you to have a romantic life. There is a need to get entire information about it to have the best partner in life. It will allow you to live a beautiful life without any problem. There is meeting of the needs and requirements.

But something’s not right. You’ve been feeling uneasy for days, especially when your partner is around. You can’t pinpoint it, but something has changed, and you don’t like it. You feel like your partner is cheating on you—but how can that be when you are devoted to each other? Can you be imagining things?

Your intuition might be telling you something. Cheating in a relationship isn’t always detectable, especially when done by a pro. But there are common, often subtle signs of cheating in a relationship. You might not be aware at first, but you will soon notice a pattern in a cheater’s actions and behaviour when he’s around you.

Here are some of the top signs of cheating in a relationship.

  1. He spends more time in the office. You both have an 8 to 5 job, so you rarely see each other during the day, but night-time is meant to be your time with each other. But then you notice he begins to spend more time putting in extra hours at work, even after office hours. He goes home tired and grumpy, and you both don’t have the energy to do anything but sleep.
  2. He spends more time with his friends. You’re both okay with the occasional night out with some of his closest peers, but he usually informs you first before he leaves. He also usually tells you his whereabouts. Suddenly, he leaves the house without telling you where he’s going, and he’ll tell you later that he’s been out with a couple of friends. This is one of the earliest tell tale signs of cheating in a relationship.
  3. He begins to hide things from you. You used to tell each other everything. All the dirty secrets, thoughts and unsolicited opinions—you’re just that comfortable with each other. But lately it feels like he’s closing you out, almost like he doesn’t want you to mind his affairs.
  4. He’s not sweet and attentive any more. You remember the early days of your relationship almost wistfully because that was the time he was more caring and sensitive to your needs. When was the last time he opened the door of the car for you? Nowadays he’s mostly grumpy and short with you, almost as if he could no longer stand being with you.
  5. You think he’s getting bored. He doesn’t spend time with you or the kids anymore, and he’s often complaining about how tedious life can be. He’d rather stay out of the house on weekends than help around the house and play with the kids. Yes, he’s definitely showing signs of cheating in a relationship.
  6. He used to avoid fights, but now he’s the one who’s starting them. You’re beginning to get scared of his wicked temper, and your fights are becoming more and more physically draining. Sometimes he even hurts you.
  7. He’s accusing you of cheating. He’s trying to absolve himself for all the wrong things that happened to your relationship. He’s laying all the blame on your door, but you both know the truth.
  8. You don’t spend too much time in the bedroom any more. You don’t talk, you rarely even have sex. It’s almost like you’re living with a complete stranger and you start to realize that you never really knew this person at all.
  9. You feel it in your guts that something’s wrong.

If you’ve noticed some of these on your partner recently, you have reason to suspect the involvement of a third party.

Why A Relationship Fails When There Is Love Out Of Marriage

Many people are aware that love out of marriage is definitely A reason why a relationship fails.

So WHY people still seek love out of marriage knowing extremely well that it will hurt their loved ones and also may put their loved ones’ reputation at stake?

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Well, the reason varies from person to person. There is no guidelines to define why a person seek love out of marriage.

Usually an extramarital affair is for fulfilling sexual desires or it may be an extremely intense emotional connection. Normally people would get involved in an extramarital affair when he/she has given up hope of obtaining something like sex, love, excitement, understanding, appreciation or respect in marriage.

Many men and women are looking for love and care in someone’s arms as they feel tired and frustrated of their marriages

There is no perfect marriage but extramarital affair seems perfect simply because they usually do not have the opportunity to spend so much time with each other. Moreover, they get to see only the very best of one another. Small fights between them are taken lightly and resolved amicably simply because they value the little time they have together.

Hence, extramarital affairs are like thrillers. It is thrilling and exciting to organize outings secretly, understanding and trusting each other to keep a shared secret, and longing for one another. Within the limited time that the two get with each other, they are prepared to do anything for one another. This “triller” is definitely appealing to any bored soul.

So is extramarital affair healthy for you? There is no right or wrong answer.

This affair usually does an excellent job of desire fulfillment. If you can handle it maturely, then it will only develop into an excellent friendship even though you lead a separate life. Sadly, not many people can handle extramarital affair in a mature manner.

Why A Relationship Fails –

3 Kinds Of Extramarital Affair

Basically, there are 3 kinds of extramarital affair and they are sexual, emotional, or a mixture of sexual and emotional.

An extramarital affair that is based on sex usually does not involve love and affection. It is actually based on lust. Love is developed naturally over a period of time by getting to know and understand that person. Lying and sneaking about to prevent detection is normally not good to a long-term affair.

Whereas in an emotional affair, friendship between two people are more likely to develop into a deeper bond and most likely lead to love than a sexual affair. When a man and woman begins to share dreams, hopes, anxieties, worries, joys and sorrows, they have somewhat developed a bond that a husband and wife supposed to have. This kind of bond between a man and woman has greater potential to develop love than a sexual affair.

The third kind of affair is the mixture of emotional affair and intimacy would possess the greatest possibility of developing into love out of marriage.

Why a relationship fails is when the emotional, intimate and spiritual bonds are not strong to keep a marriage together.

Once the emotional bond between a husband and a wife are weakened, it’s very difficult to rebuild this bond. It is easier for most women to forgive sexual affair than forgiving an affair where an emotional bond has been developed between her husband and another woman.

As for intimacy, keeping it thrilling and exciting is not an easy tasks. The best marriages are the ones people are willing to put in the effort and work to rekindle their love and bring the spark back into their marriages.

Whereas for spiritual bond may not necessarily be in the religious context, even though it surely can be. Spiritual bond is more so on the value that a couple places on the marriage vows. Are they willing and prepared to thrive and work their marriage to build a strong and happy one?

Love out of marriage is highly possible. How strong your marriage is will determine your course of actions but keep in mind love out of marriage is definitely A reason why a relationship fails and NOBODY gets to possess BOTH.

My Ex Wants To Talk About Something

Breaking up closes a life’s chapter for both couples. This opens a door to a new life ahead. A life without the most special person in your life. A life without commitment. No responsibility. No bonds. No rules. No nothing.

Being single is a good idea. However, being single after a breakup is never a good notion. It hurts. It stabs us to death. We seldom see broken-hearted people who can still have the guts to throw some humor to make people laugh hilariously. We seldom see broken-hearted people who still manage to carry out their jobs very perfectly.

It’s very hard to be caught in this emotional crisis. We sometimes pretend. We have a tendency to prefer being alone. We sometimes make our darkroom a best friend. Darkness had been our resting place when sadness swallows up our critical thinking.

Being in this situation is never foolish. Whether we like it or not, we don’t have any other choice but to ride on with the rollercoaster of emotion resulted from a shattered relationship. There is no other way to get ourselves out of this drowning predicament but to face it. Never fear getting hurt. Bleed makes us feel that we are alive.

This is never easy. We cannot expect anybody to move on from a broken relationship in just a matter of weeks or months. It takes months or even years to heal the wound of the sad past.

First and foremost, self-denial must be avoided. Acceptance is one way of making everything fall into its proper place. Broken-hearted ones ought to view the separation as temporary. The break-up is a perfect spot to enhance what needs to be developed to make the relationship better. Accept that this happens for a purpose.

Moreover, break-up happens not just because of a very intense quarrel. But, this is a result of accumulated anger, pain, and another mishmash of negative emotions that happened in the past. The quarrel only triggers it to occur.

Acceptance makes dealing with the pain a lot easier. Admit that you are angry. If you do, be it. Admit that you are deeply in pain. Cry. Weep. Sob. That’s typical. Admit that you are faulty in some sense. Don’t be too defensive. Learn to empty your heart with all those undesirable emotions you keep at the bottommost part of your heart. Breathe it out. You have the right to be free from all the sad memoirs of a failed affair.

Regain confidence and self-identity. The break-up is not about you as a whole. It might be something about you. Therefore, improve the faults. Be a better person. But never change your entire well-being. Bear in mind that you are a totally wonderful person. You are worthy of the same love that you can give to someone. You are worthy of a second chance.

It can be stated that if your relationship is made to last for a lifetime, time and fate will make miracles to make it whole again. “Time heals.” This is a very familiar quote for us. Certainly, time cures even the deepest wound created by the worst experience in love. Destiny creates wonders. When the perfect time comes, love will be the one to revive the passion and connection that had been wrecked by a single decision.

“My ex wants to talk about something.” What must I do?

Be casual. Treat your ex the way you treated other people. If you think that you are strong enough to have a personal and serious talk with him or her; well, be glad to accept the invitation. Take note. This is not a date. Therefore, know your limitations.

Uhm, let’s take it this way. Be a listener. Respect begets respect. If you want your ex to be willing to listen to all your heart’s content, never interrupt. Do not be defensive. Never give an argument a time to lose the chance of fixing your relationship in a very decent manner.

Learn to be open to criticism. Take it as a challenge to defeat. Take it as a perfect venue to be a better person. Talk about the faults you both committed both consciously and not. Just explore Westword as the site offers multiple ways through which you can learn how to take criticism in a positive way. 

After doing so, decide what concrete actions to take. Formulate a better game plan before starting over from trash. Through these proactive actions, you will certainly rebuild a relationship that is stronger, bolder, and fiercer.

4 Most Valuable How To Fix A Marriage Tips

Information on how to fix a marriage are abundant at present considering the rising number of married couples who can’t seem to fix the problems that they encounter on their marriage without the help of others. Fortunately, the tips and tricks on saving a marriage relationship are easily accessible. You can find these on the web, online forums, from your close family members and friends, magazines, radio, television shows and from professionals in this specific area including marriage counselors. The following are four of the best tips that can also help you in case you and your spouse are already experiencing a lot of issues in your marriage.

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1.Find the specific reasons for your problems. Married couples encounter a lot of problems due to a number of reasons including lack of communication, medical reasons, financial problems and any other factors that tend to break down the trust of one party. You have to determine the root cause of your marriage problems since this will enable you and your spouse to develop the most suitable plan of action that can help renew your marital relationship while also rebuilding your trust and strengthening your bond.

2.Be willing to communicate. One of the typical reasons why married couples encounter problems is their lack of communication. It should be noted that communication is considered to be the foundation of a strong interpersonal relationship so it is crucial for you and your spouse to communicate as openly and truthfully as possible. You should communicate not only by using superficial chit-chats or greetings. A more open communication is characterized by being able to comfortably share how you feel while also bringing down your walls and defenses to allow your spouse to clearly see what is really in your heart and soul.

You can also improve the way you communicate with your spouse and use it as an effective how to fix a marriage solution by boosting your trust towards each other. The kind of trust that the two of you should share must be based on comfortably expressing what is in your heart and mind without worrying about being laughed at or judged. To guarantee a more open communication, it is also crucial for you to have a mutual agreement to listen to what each of you has to say. You should be able to listen to avoid conflicts that often result from misunderstandings.

3.Deal with a professional and experienced marriage counselor. This is one of the most effective solutions in fixing a marriage relationship since you can expect a marriage counselor to objectively listen to what you and your partner feels. This professional can also offer feedback without judging any of you.

Qualified marriage counselors have also studied a course that enable them to develop the best course of action specifically tailored based on the problems encountered by a couple so you have an assurance that hiring the most qualified and experienced one can really help repair your marriage. The training, education and experience received by the most qualified marriage counselors enable them to provide married couples with the most powerful and valuable advices on fixing a broken marriage.

4.Try to move on. This is another effective tip on how to fix a marriage since this can help married couples enjoy their decision to get back together with a fresh and clean slate. Deciding to move on does not always mean that you should separate ways with your partner and accept the fact that you will no longer be together. It also involves freeing both your hearts and minds from the disappointments, loss of trust, pain and anger that result from your marriage and get back together and move forward without dwelling on the past.

While this is extremely difficult since one cannot just easily erase memories, it is still worthwhile for you to try doing this especially if you are really willing to save your marriage since it would be impossible for you to continue building a brighter future together if you incessantly dwell in the past.

7 Crucial Steps On How To Stop A Breakup

Once the storm has passed and all is said and done, you may be preparing for the worse and wondering how to stop a breakup. Too often, couples are unable to control their feelings. They talk or even scream at each other when emotions run high. Then one will blurt out something that should not have been said in the first place, and that could provoke both to contemplate the idea of a breakup.

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When you feel like your relationship is hanging by a thin thread, how do you exactly attempt to get back on track? Haven’t you heard nothing is impossible with love? It is never too late to make amends. And here is how to stop a breakup.

Admit your mistakes

Take responsibility for your shortcomings. Often, the word sorry is the hardest thing that you can say. But it is a good way to start to make amends.

Standing proud amidst a shaky situation can only increase the chances of the relationship leading to a break up. If you seriously want to work things out, then raise the white flag. Stop blaming and start admitting to your own faults. Although you may not necessarily be all to blame about what happened, it can break the ice so your partner may feel humbled too.

Express your love

When you have said your peace, follow up with an expression of your love. Do not just say it, show it. It could be ages since you last expressed how much you appreciate your significant other. Now is the best time to start showing him or her how much you care. It can make you feel vulnerable but if your relationship is worth saving then that is a small sacrifice you must be willing to make.


Listen intently to what your partner has to say. Do not interrupt. Let him or her express what he or she is feeling. Let your partner know he or she can tell you things and unload his or her sentiments.

Do not judge. Try to understand the point he or she is making. If you want him or her back and move on with your life as a couple, you must lend your ears.

Respond with respect

Acknowledge your partner’s feelings. Respond to the points he or she has made without sounding condescending or accusatory. Do not get defensive either. Just let him or her know you understand why he or she is feeling that way.

Ask for forgiveness. And show your partner you are willing to make up for it. Tell him or her how you plan to correct your mistakes and make a promise you can actually keep. Unless you want to go back to the same situation in the future, honor your promises.

Learn to compromise

In a relationship, both your welfare should be considered. It is all about the two of you. Both ends would not meet unless you are both willing to meet each other in the middle. It is no longer about who is wrong or right at this point.

If you give up, both of you will end up losing in the game of love. The sooner you learn to compromise is the easier you will find it to solve issues that may arise in the future.

Learn your lessons

There are lessons that can be learned from every fight you have. Facing the brink of a break up should give you a clearer perspective. Use that to save the relationship from future problems. Earn and take care of the trust you are given.

Finally, you must implement the pledges you have made. Kiss and make up. And avoid getting in circles so you would not have to wonder again how to stop a breakup.