Tips And Tricks To Increase Blog Traffic

Every single person who writes blogs wishes to get more and more traffic on his page. There are so many tips and tricks that different bloggers use and are successful in their field. The main factor for a blog to get more traffic is that it must have quality content. Apart from the content, how the matter is presented also plays a huge role. One must try and provide relevant content. This is the key to top the google search.

Types of blog traffic  

Blog traffics of many different types. To mention a few –

  • Social Traffic

Social media traffic involves the traffic one gets through social media. One factor that a person should keep in mind while writing blogs and uploading them is that one should know where they will get the target viewers. One must know the platform and master it first. Generally, people do try to advertise on many social media platforms at once. As a result, one fails in keeping up with all the social media platforms at once.

  • Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is also known as TOPA. TOPA stands for Top Of Mind Awareness. In layman’s terms, TOPA means that the brand comes to mind when one thinks about a particular product. If a particular brand comes to mind when one thinks of a product, it is obvious that there will be more traffic on its website or blog. It can only happen by investing some time and knowing exactly what a consumer wants.

  • Referral Traffic

Referral traffic refers to traffic that one gets from different sources. For this, one needs to know exactly where their audience belongs to. By doing this, the person can target that very audience. It happens when a person clicks on a link, and the person is directed to your blog page.

 How to increase blog traffic

There are many different ways by which one can increase blog traffic. Look at the various methods of increasing traffic.

  • Focus on pillar articles

pillar articles are those which cover every topic that is related to that particular article. A major mistake that every new blogger makes is that he writes different articles covering different topics related to one another. When the consumer can find every detail and information in one article, he sticks to that very blog page.

  • Update the content

giving information that is not up to date leaves a bad impression on the reader. Thus, one must always make it a point always to provide updated information. One must try to remove outdated information. Adding more pictures and screenshots attracts viewers and thus increases traffic.

  • Crosslinking posts

this is very simple. All one needs to do is add a link to an old post in the new post. So, when a person reads a post, he also gets a link to another blog. When this happens, traffic in the other blog also increases.

  • Appropriate headlines

One must be wise enough in choosing the headline. The headline must be catchy and attract viewers. Another factor to be kept in mind is that the article must be of a type that people can relate to.

  • Boosting new posts

it is understood that organic traffic is better than paid traffic. If a blog page grows organically, then the page has permanent readers, provided the content quality is top-notch. But then, in the beginning, one has to get some view to enter the game and win, of course. For this very purpose, it is generally advised to invest some money. One can go for paid ads from Also one can get huge traffic from mails

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Zachary Lester is a news writer from Adelaide, Australia. He graduate with flying colors from the University of South Wales.