Why A Relationship Fails When There Is Love Out Of Marriage

Many people are aware that love out of marriage is definitely A reason why a relationship fails.

So WHY people still seek love out of marriage knowing extremely well that it will hurt their loved ones and also may put their loved ones’ reputation at stake?

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Well, the reason varies from person to person. There is no guidelines to define why a person seek love out of marriage.

Usually an extramarital affair is for fulfilling sexual desires or it may be an extremely intense emotional connection. Normally people would get involved in an extramarital affair when he/she has given up hope of obtaining something like sex, love, excitement, understanding, appreciation or respect in marriage.

Many men and women are looking for love and care in someone’s arms as they feel tired and frustrated of their marriages

There is no perfect marriage but extramarital affair seems perfect simply because they usually do not have the opportunity to spend so much time with each other. Moreover, they get to see only the very best of one another. Small fights between them are taken lightly and resolved amicably simply because they value the little time they have together.

Hence, extramarital affairs are like thrillers. It is thrilling and exciting to organize outings secretly, understanding and trusting each other to keep a shared secret, and longing for one another. Within the limited time that the two get with each other, they are prepared to do anything for one another. This “triller” is definitely appealing to any bored soul.

So is extramarital affair healthy for you? There is no right or wrong answer.

This affair usually does an excellent job of desire fulfillment. If you can handle it maturely, then it will only develop into an excellent friendship even though you lead a separate life. Sadly, not many people can handle extramarital affair in a mature manner.

Why A Relationship Fails –

3 Kinds Of Extramarital Affair

Basically, there are 3 kinds of extramarital affair and they are sexual, emotional, or a mixture of sexual and emotional.

An extramarital affair that is based on sex usually does not involve love and affection. It is actually based on lust. Love is developed naturally over a period of time by getting to know and understand that person. Lying and sneaking about to prevent detection is normally not good to a long-term affair.

Whereas in an emotional affair, friendship between two people are more likely to develop into a deeper bond and most likely lead to love than a sexual affair. When a man and woman begins to share dreams, hopes, anxieties, worries, joys and sorrows, they have somewhat developed a bond that a husband and wife supposed to have. This kind of bond between a man and woman has greater potential to develop love than a sexual affair.

The third kind of affair is the mixture of emotional affair and intimacy would possess the greatest possibility of developing into love out of marriage.

Why a relationship fails is when the emotional, intimate and spiritual bonds are not strong to keep a marriage together.

Once the emotional bond between a husband and a wife are weakened, it’s very difficult to rebuild this bond. It is easier for most women to forgive sexual affair than forgiving an affair where an emotional bond has been developed between her husband and another woman.

As for intimacy, keeping it thrilling and exciting is not an easy tasks. The best marriages are the ones people are willing to put in the effort and work to rekindle their love and bring the spark back into their marriages.

Whereas for spiritual bond may not necessarily be in the religious context, even though it surely can be. Spiritual bond is more so on the value that a couple places on the marriage vows. Are they willing and prepared to thrive and work their marriage to build a strong and happy one?

Love out of marriage is highly possible. How strong your marriage is will determine your course of actions but keep in mind love out of marriage is definitely A reason why a relationship fails and NOBODY gets to possess BOTH.

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Zachary Lester is a news writer from Adelaide, Australia. He graduate with flying colors from the University of South Wales.