The Best Online Therapy For Teenagers This 2021

A lot of things shifted online as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Office jobs transferred to work at home jobs, online shopping became more prominent, and virtual meetings became more popular than ever as face to face meetings are discouraged. Nowadays, online therapy has become one of the easiest methods to talk with a professional therapist, in case you are having personal problems.

Aside from adults, teenagers also need therapy from time to time, especially during rough phases in their life. The formative teenage years are challenging enough on their own, with hormones, changes within the body, peer pressure, and other outside factors. Teenagers often experience depression, anxiety, and other emotional crisis. Other problems can include pressure from parents, addictions, and other dangerous precedents that can cause them to tread a dangerous path. Online therapy is one of the ways to prevent this, and to make teenagers go through their problems successfully.

In this article, we will discuss the best online therapy for teens this 2021. If you are interested in reading more articles like this, be sure to visit Island Now. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Teen Counseling

Teen Counseling is an online therapy that is purely dedicated for teenagers. It costs at least $45 every week, depending on the sessions you pick. Teen Counselling provides an opportunity to meet licensed therapist, where a teenager can comfortably discuss their problems, and other issues. The guardian of the teen can also be involved in the approval of a therapist. To start a session with Teen Counselling, the teen can download their application on their mobile phone. There are three options for communication with a counselor, either via text, phone call, or video chat. Before the actual counseling session, the user needs to fill up a questionnaire form. This questionnaire will determine the specific counselor that will be assigned to the teen. If you are looking for an online counseling platform that is dedicated to teens, be sure to give Teen Counseling a try.

  1. Synergy Therapy

Synergy Therapy provides one on one online therapy sessions. Before committing your money to a therapy session, you can trial their services with their free consultation offer. Afterward, every session will cost $125 to $200. Synergy Therapy has the ability to provide teens with counseling via the internet at any time, whenever they are. Problems such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and other mental issues can arise in teens anywhere and anytime. As such, it is important to have something to rely on whenever a teenager is going through rough times in their lives.

  1. BetterHelp

The cost of a therapy with BetterHelp can be as low as $40 every week. They provide general support for a person’s mental health, taking advantage of chat applications, text messaging, phone calls, and video calls to connect with their customers. BetterHelp is really popular, with over 7000 therapists on the platform providing a lot of choices for users.

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