The Magician Card Meaning – Learn about the magician card

The Magician has to do with personal power – your ability to use the resources at hand to create results in your life. Much of life is subject to outside forces and factors outside of one’s control, but the Magician represents an individual’s power to influence the things they can. Often, the person is very unaware of how much potential and opportunity there is for real change. The Magician is a reminder that one’s potential to get the results you desire is actually more vast than can be imagined.

When you pick the indigo chakra meaning with the magician card, then there is the availability of the desired results to the people. The availability of the opportunity is immense for the people. As a result, there is the availability of the desired outcomes for the people in real life.

The Magician is resourceful, intelligent and innovative. The Magician sees and exploits opportunities that are invisible to other people, using his understanding of how the world works. He relies on ingenuity, intuition and creativity to spark genius solutions to intractable problems. He uses every tool he has at hand to skillfully to get what he wants. Any kind of modern technology falls under the domain of the Magician. For example, I personally associate the Magician with electronic devices like cell phones or computers!

Using tarot as a tool for divination and then applying the information garnered to affect a tangible result in one’s life is an example of the Magician at work. Unlike the High Priestess who is more contemplative and spiritual, the Magician represents logical, applied intuition using expertise in the tools at hand.

The Magician can also represent talents, skills, and intellectual resources that are above and beyond the average person’s. He is a quick learner and has a facility for catching on in a way that is ingenious, a kind of savant or genius in a particular area. When you pull the Magician, know that you have talents and gifts available that should be put to use so you allow yourself to shine.

The Magician can also represent excellent powers of communication and charisma. He has a way with words – talking and writing are his domain, especially of the persuasive type. He knows how to move a crowd. Magician type people are excellent public speakers and can use their communication for good to inspire and inform. They also enjoy talking, debating, and influencing others to their point of view. He is good at crafting a persona and would be excellent at marketing.

On the negative side, depending on intentions, the Magician’s skills for persuasion could be charisma or it could veer off into manipulation. A Magician shows you what he wants to see and since he has such an understanding of human nature and the power of illusion, he can easily mislead intentionally. A negative Magician can also be a kind of snake oil salesman who is all show but no substance. If the Magician shows up negatively in a reading, be on the lookout for promises that entail more than can realistically be delivered. Don’t let someone pull the wool over your eyes!

Brilliant Tarot Reading Tips

If you are wondering about the best way to read tarot cards, then you have come to the right section. This section talks about brilliant tarot reading tips that will help you read tarot cards more effectively. These tips include the following:

  1. Come Up with a Clear Question in Your Mind

Before you work with your cards, make sure that you have developed a clear question in your mind. The trouble with a lot of tarot card readers is that they get too excited. They pull all of their cards and lay them immediately on the table. Then they pick each one of them randomly without a clear framework on how they should make the interpretation.

Different cards possess different attributes and each one of them has different meanings. It is important for you to have a clear statement of content and question before you pull out a card.

  1. Just say No

Just say No if you are not sure with your answer. In other words, if you are met with a question like “will Adam and I be promoted in the next year” or “will I die tomorrow” then just answer no. These are questions that require absolute answers and the universe simply doesn’t work that way. Anything can happen in a universe of possibilities and a yes answer to such questions can get you into trouble if it turns out that you are wrong. The online platforms are one of the most amazing platforms that will help you a lot in getting all the necessary knowledge related to the Card reading. Other than that, you should go for the official websites that provide the option of see it here.

  1. Look Closely on the Picture

This may seem obvious but it is something that is always overlooked. When working on tarot cards, you are working with symbols and images. Everything in the picture – the color, diagram, and other details – may mean something to people. You do not have other resources for your interpretation except for the pictures and images on the card. This tip should not be overlooked.

Pay attention to the literal and visual cues that are on the cards. For example, there are cards like The Queen of Hearts and The Queen of Swords that may look similar but are actually opposite to each other. There are also cards that may look different but are actually in harmony in each other if you take a closer look.

  1. Dealing with Reserved Cards

Reversed cards have been considered as the bane of tarot reading but this doesn’t have to be the case. There are a number of things that readers can do in this situation. For one, you can disregard the whole notion. Consider that the card means what the card means and it doesn’t matter whether it comes sideways, upside down or whatever.

The tips mentioned above are very important for tarot card reading. But when it comes down to it the really important thing for a tarot card reader to remember is to remain earnest to people. Don’t make up stories that are beyond what the cards mean. Always deliver the proper interpretations no matter what may come out from the deck.